Photo by Julia Morgan at  J.Mo Studio .


I am a Colorado native and graduate of Colorado State University. I spent a great deal of time in college trying to figure out what I wanted “to be.” I tried everything from chemical engineering to Spanish. Accounting 101 was my aha moment.

Who knew that putting beans in piles would be the thing that I was good at? Not me.

I helped teach my classmates debit & credits and the rest is history. Now, I am a CPA who specializes in providing proactive services for small business owners. We believe in sharing our clients successes, big and small, business and personal. This is why we concentrate on creating relationships and strategies for our clients based on their goals. Abundance & authenticity are the top values for our firm and what we want all of our clients to achieve. You can find us at JE O’Kane CPA.

When I started my firm I quickly realized that even though I knew a great deal about tax and accounting I knew very little about how to create a sustainable business that would help me to reach my personal and professional goals. I figured there was much to learn from others who have done it or were doing it and I sought out those people both online and locally. This created a network of amazing business owners!

I love people and learning what makes them tick and what their obstacles and successes have been. So I created the podcast to tell these stories.

I endeavor to learn something applicable to my business from every entrepreneur I share time with and I wanted to share that with others. Also, it's an excuse to hang out with my favorite people and find some new favorite people. Win-win, y'all.

In my spare time I am a wife, mom to two human cubs and one golden fur baby, a birth doula & volunteer at our church on the weekends. My hobbies are lifting up heavy things, putting them back down, reading, listening to smarter people than myself and sleeping. If you want to send me stuff I like cash, handmade jewelry, Ulta gift cards, bacon and Stranahan’s whiskey.

- Jamie