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How can you build a business that will support the lifestyle you want?

Peter Brissette is the CEO of Digital Marketing Dude and the facilitator of the Westminster 3to5 Club. You might recognize him from Episode 5! Today, we discuss how Peter and the Westminster 3to5 Club provide entrepreneurs with the tools to quickly increase revenue, move from survival to significance, and how to use their business to fund their ideal lifestyle. Peter was feeling trapped and uncomfortable in the path his consulting business had taken, but that changed when he found 3to5 Club. Finding that 3to5 Club provided him with the tools to move himself and his business forward, Peter decided that he wanted to help other business owners do the same thing and became a facilitator for Westminster 3to5 Club.

You can contact Peter and his team here:

Digital Marketing Dude

Westminster 3to5 Club

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Episode 5

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